Questionnaire Management

The module name speaks for itself, by the module you can create and manage questionnaires for your business and also associate them for any ISOCloud module item, for eg. in case you create a partner rating event in the Event Scheduler then you can add the proper questionnaire to the rating occasions as well. 

Asset Catalogue 

By using Asset Catalogue you can record various and custom types of assets that can be used for building your business processes in the process library.  

The Partner Management extension includes managing communications, contacts and sites belonging to partners. 

For partners, you can add templates for partner satisfaction measurements and partner ratings, which will be used to create actual measurement data sheets in the system.  

Partner datasheets can be expanded with additional information in order to suit individual needs. These also provide performance ratings and satisfaction ratings for that specific partner.  

Partner Management 

Employee Registry 

The Employee Registry is a catalogue-like system where you can manage QA-oriented employee data as well as qualifications, trainings, recruitment processes, and also you can record positions and departments. In this way you are able to define that for eg. what kind of employee quality is required for an exact position to be successfully filled. 

Colleagues can follow their occupied position and their position history.  Employees can appear in the system like any other resource which makes them able to be reserved for any business process or item recorded in ISOCloud. 

Glass Buildings

Event Scheduler

The scheduler allows you to specify the exact occurrences of recurring events that appear in your calendar (when you add a single event, the scheduler is not required because you only enter one event).  

The Event Scheduler helps determine occurrences, e.g. "Tuesdays 10:00-12:00 every week" or "09:00-12:00 on the first Monday of every month".  The scheduler creates the events for the dates you enter and displays the events on the calendar.  The scheduler functions are accessible from any module where events can be handled. 

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