ISOCloud a new Microsoft SharePoint based Quality Management Software

ISOCloud is an integrated quality assurance system which primarily facilitates with the quality management of companies, and puts a priority on areas such as document management, workflow records, risk management, and tracking.

While designing ISOCloud, the goal was to create an easy to implement and logically operating quality management tool that helps people with their everyday work. It works in a Microsoft Office 365 environment and can be operated on both local and cloud-based infrastructure.

ISOCloud, supporting an ISO or quality management system, is an equally ideal solution for both mid-level enterprises, multinational groups, or for any business, where quality management is quintessential.

Qualitie Assurance & Aloha

Our relationship with quality assurance support dates back to 2001. This is when we begin to implement Lotus Notes-based software called ISO Achiver. After many successful projects, the base platform began to die out of the market. In 2008, we released our first proprietary software that was already running on Microsoft's SharePoint 2007 version, after which we upgraded the tool to 2013, which is well-tested in a corporate environment. The development of ISOCloud, a modern quality assurance system built on the O365 platform, began in 2018.

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